Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday outfit inspiration

So i'm lost on what I want to wear but I just got inspired by this simple pic.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Things i'm Loving & want to get from Tasty Peach Studios

If you are looking for really cute characters you have to check out TASTY PEACH STUDIOS they're the most cute shirts,hair clips,cell phones charms and much more. The wonderful creator and owner of this cute item is Ryan Zenfei she is super cute and i love the fact the she wears her items also i love seeing people that design wear there work.
Ryan Zenfei

and let me show you all my favorite cute things from here because they are to die for let me tell you...
too cute

now comes the pastry charms super cute i love them they inspire me for my small bakery that i want to open up. Ryan will so be my number one person to go to for a cute chibi design for sure
so yea i think I'm going to spend a lot of money soon buying all this cute things from her its well worth it for sure...
Go Visit Her

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fiberwig and Dolly Wink mascara comparison review

Hello~ :)

Finally had the chance to work on some video review! I decided that from now on I am going to make a video review along with all the reviews that I will post here on my blog so that you can see the actual item and get a better idea of each products!

sorry the quality of the pictures are not as crisp as my usual photos since I screen captured from my video... *being lazy* har har X3

Fiberwig and Dolly Wink long mascara comparison review
Click here to see my past reviews of Fiberwig and Dolly wink 
Disclamer: Not a sponsored review all item used in this post are bought on my own, all my HG's ;D

You might know that both of this mascara are my favorite mascaras and so I wanted to show you a better view of what they look like side by side to show its difference, I have fallen in love with Dolly Wink long mascara and it totally replace my love for Fiberwig lol :p 

Scroll down for Dolly Wink long mascara giveaway~

Please watch the video for more info!

Both of the mascara are very similar, washes off with warm water without needing makeup removers and best of all NO panda eyes/smudging while wear. I would say the difference are that the Dolly Wink formula seem to be thicker and applies without needing much coats unlike the Fiberwig you have to build you lengths with 3 coats to achieve Dolly Winks 2 coat lengths.

Applied with Panasonic heated eyelash curler you can create a false lash look without the falsie! :D

Now where to purchase all the items used in this post?


Dolly Wink long mascara:

Panasonic heated eyelash curler: *only on online store*

Giveaway time~
OK so the last time I stocked up on this wonderful Dolly Wink Long mascara I bought it from ArtieStyle.comand Don the Owner was kind enough to include a extra Dolly Wink Mascara so I wanted to give the extra to ONE lucky reader! ^__^

Thank you Artie for your support! 

ONE winner will win this mascara along with a mystery gift from me :)


1. Must be my reader of this blog and my Youtube subscriber
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That is it! :D

OPEN to anyone in the world!

ENDS: 9/19/11 midnight central US time zone

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kawaii Girlie Wigs

I'm totally feeling this cute wigs from they are at a very good price and i so want to try it for the lazy days when it come to my hair or for just to play around with and take photos but here are some that i'm totally loving, i may buy atleast one hopefully to try and also provide a review also.
Wondering what would look best on me lol????

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In love with Moroccan oil!

I had the moroccan oil for a while now but till this point it has not failed me, especially now that my roots are all crazy because I have yet to relax its been about 6 month. Last time that i did my relaxer and the brazillian treatment it took me so long to do that i have schedule a whole day to do it, but the end result are amazing and its worth it.

Heres the before with wet hair semi dry

and heres the afters. after doing my hair it was super hot in the room it kinda messed up my hair a bit but it gave me some volume lol....
heres a site we you can buy it. i bought my myself at beauty school so i have done a bit searching to buy it again of course.

so i'm still deciding on what day i will relax which would be soon and do the brazillian treatment also but i will be posting it up and also heres the link the brazillian treatment i used which was great ...
here is the store on ebay and the they're facebook page for discount i think is still available...
Ebay Store
Facebook Page

Friday, March 18, 2011

Miami Beach..... So relaxing

So out of nowhere me the hubby decide to go to the beach since we live 15 minutes always from it thank god lol it was so hot and i had just did some shopping so it was awesome just to decide to head out and relax and enjoy for a few hours.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

healthy weight lost!!!

i have been working out lately because i have reach a very unhealthy weight that i want to lose so i'm going to be posting pictures up and what i'm doing and eating to lose the weight i was at 210, then 207 and now i'm at 203 i'm very happy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Camera!

i'm so happy i got a new camera from its a Fujifilm S4000A 14MP 30X Zoom SLR-Style Camera it came really quickly about three days to come i have taken pictures already and its awesome for what i want to use it for. Hopefully Everything come out i want it to be for this new blog and what i want to do to it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011